Aug 08

Meet Chris Rentner Founder & CEO Akouba [VIDEO]

 Filmed with the BizCast team, Chris Rentner, CEO of Akouba, talks about the greatest business lesson he has ever learned and why the military is the best entrepreneurship training program.

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Jun 06

Feature Spotlight: Reporting & Analytics for small business lending

How long does it take your team to service a small business loan from beginning to end? Could you find out with your current process? Can you truly figure out how much time and money each loan is costing your financial institution?

Akoubs's small business loan platform analytics are built for financial institutions to gain insight into their loan program that was previously almost impossible to track.

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May 05

Akouba Now: The Fastest Way To Digitize Your Applications [VIDEO]

We've recently released Akouba Now and have been overwhelmed with the positive response from the financial industry. To celebrate our team has created a beautifully 'rockin' video to showcase Akouba Now . Best viewed with the volume on!

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Apr 04

Introducing Akouba Now

Akouba, provider of a small business lending platform for financial institutions, endorsed by the American Banker’s Association – through its subsidiary the Corporation for American Banking, today, announced at the FinXtech Annual Summit, a new product release, Akouba Now. Akouba Now is an easy to use cloud-based solution that can digitize financial institution’s onboarding application process within days of purchase.

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Apr 04

Introducing counteroffers with Akouba

With Akouba's new counteroffer feature, your compliance team will rejoice and stress less about Reg. B!

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Sep 09

We're working to streamline the internal bank process of small business loans

In addition to providing technology for online applications, we also provide technology for banks to internally streamline the process.

Once an application is submitted through our online application portal, Akouba starts to build a story around the business. Our small business origination platform is designed to let you see the who, what, why and where of the business that is applying. We use information from the application and suppliment it with 3rd party data then point out areas that need your special attention.


Once you know the basics of the company, your underwriters can go into the financial analysis that manifests on our system as a credit risk rating. This is simply the organization of the factors that you are usually looking at into.  What we call dimensions, often times they are referred to the 5 c’s. Your bank has complete control over what these dimensions are and the weighting of them for the overall score that is assigned to the application.

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