Oct 10

Whitepaper: The Future of Small Business Lending Technology

Our newest whitepaper, "Increasing Outreach, Profit and Customer Satisfaction in the SMB Lending Space Through Digitization" is available for download.

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Sep 09

Building a strategic plan to digitize your lending? Download our toolkit

Lending has seen a lot of changes during the past few years. Many of these changes can be attributed to the rapidly evolving technology landscape, as well as a huge shift in the way your customers and staff are actually doing business and work. Changes in the way people use technology, and new ways clients go about actually applying for a loan are just a few of the contributing factors in the technology shift financial institutions know they need to make. 

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Aug 08

Building a strategic plan to digitize your lending in 2018 [WEBINAR]

Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 1-2 PM CST 

Join Akouba for a truly informative and free webinar to help you build a strategic plan to digitize your lending in 2018. This webinar is for the team that is ready to digitize their lending program but is not quite sure they have the time, right tools or team in line to be successful.

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Aug 08

Buyers Guide: Small Business Lending Software

9 smart questions to ask before buying a small business loan origination platform

Is digitizing your small business lending becoming a priority for your financial institution? Increased efficiency, profitability, banker productivity and enhanced customer experience are all reasons why you should be.   For example: In most banks, it costs the same amount in administrative and overhead costs to underwrite a $50,000 loan, as it does for a $1 million loan.  Wouldn’t it be great to free up your team to focus on the most important thing, the customer, and let the technology take of the rest?

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May 05

Breaking Banks: Fintech Creating Financial Services with Akouba [PODCAST]

Chris Rentner, CEO at Akouba, was a guest on “Breaking Banks” podcast hosted by Sam Maule. "Breaking Banks" is the #1 global fintech podcast documenting technological changes to financial services, from banking to payments to money itself. In this episode 'Fintech Creating Financial Services' they discuss how and why Akouba was created and how Akouba is using technology to help financial institutions lend to small businesses.

Listen to the podcast below:

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