Akouba Selected in FIS Cohort



Akouba's Chris Rentner will be spending several weeks this summer with FIS executives, as part of their accelerator program which gives  selected companies access to seed capital, mentors, and industry contracts. The program kicked off with a keynote from FIS Global's CEO, Gary Norcross, as well as an introduction to former President Bill Clinton.

"We are most excited about Leveraging our collaboration with FIS -- a global, $9B financial technology services juggernaut. It will be a huge competitive advantage to us." says Rentner. Akouba was accepted into the program along with 10 other companies from several cities around the United States and at least three foreign countries. 

The program will conclude with an investor demo day at the Clinton Presidential Center on Wednesday August 3, 2016.

Mike Dillon

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With three decades in financial services – several of them as a sales manager, I have experienced firsthand the potential impact online lenders can have on balance sheets. Omni channel experience, expedited decisioning, simplification of the application, condensing of the end to end processing time and giving businesses needed access to capital are all things online lenders have become adept at. Banks and credit unions want to play in this space as well, but struggle with profitability for loans under $250,000.

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