Introducing counteroffers with Akouba

With Akouba's new counteroffer feature, your compliance team will rejoice and stress less about Reg. B!

You already know that compliance, privacy and security are critical components of the Akouba solution and now, Akouba's platform automatically recognizes when your institution is offering a loan amount that is lower than the request amount. Akouba's platform will prompt an upload for counteroffer notice.

The counteroffer is then easily communicated to the borrower on their terms page, as you can see below, and the counter offer notice is available for easy download.


It's that easy. This process is simple for the lender, the borrower, and your compliance team. As always, Akouba is working to ensure that everyone who uses our platform is given the best end-to-end experience, starting with the digital application for the borrower ranging to the seamless export of information to other systems like LaserPro.

We love solving inefficiencies with technology and if your institution has a challenge making small business loans profitable, let us know and we would be happy to show you how the Akouba platform would work for your team.


Amber Smith

About The Author Amber Smith

Amber, director of client engagement, is a marketer with over 13 years of experience. She has a keen interest in the digital world and was one of the first participants in Duke University's digital media and marketing program, one of the most comprehensive, online media marketing programs in the nation. Amber also has a deep understanding of the unique challenges banks face today, having worked for an Iowa community bank for over seven years. Before joining Akouba, Amber was part of a global marketing team for an elearning company based in Chicago and was responsible for managing lead generation and digital marketing campaigns for the global team.

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