Meet Chris Rentner Founder & CEO Akouba [VIDEO]

 Filmed with the BizCast team, Chris Rentner, CEO of Akouba, talks about the greatest business lesson he has ever learned and why the military is the best entrepreneurship training program.



Community and regional banks know their customers and understand their financial needs, Akouba is here to partner with banks to digitize their lending. Want to learn more about how Akouba can help your organization? Join Chris and Mike Dillon, CRO of Akouba and 30 year banking veteran, as they share their top tips, tools, and time saving tricks to help you prepare to digitize your lending process next year in Akouba's upcoming webinar 'Building a Strategic Plan to Digitize Your Lending in 2018' on Wednesday, September 13 at 1-2 PM CST.

With this webinar the Akouba team will take you step-by-step through building a strategic plan that meets your bank's goals, they will even give you access to a strategic planning toolkit which has the time-saving tools you need to build and present your own plan this fall, including a quick ROI calculator, a planning template, and easily editable presentation.

Actionable steps and tools will be provided to attendees during the webinar

 Attendees should expect to learn:

  • Ways to define your digital lending goals
  • How to develop an actual strategic plan around your goals
  • Ways to implement your plan

Register for the webinar here 


Amber Smith

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Amber, director of client engagement, is a marketer with over 13 years of experience. She has a keen interest in the digital world and was one of the first participants in Duke University's digital media and marketing program, one of the most comprehensive, online media marketing programs in the nation. Amber also has a deep understanding of the unique challenges banks face today, having worked for an Iowa community bank for over seven years. Before joining Akouba, Amber was part of a global marketing team for an elearning company based in Chicago and was responsible for managing lead generation and digital marketing campaigns for the global team.

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