See and Hear Akouba's September 2017 Feature Updates

Akouba's most recent release is all about creating an amazing user experience journey for all. Our product design team has created a proven borrower experience that will lead to more completed applications for your financial institution. So take a few moments to see and hear how Akouba is creating a better digital experience for all users.

Introduction Questions & Account Creation

intro-sm.gifWe lead the borrower through a seamless journey, by asking specific questions upfront that decipher which questions relate to their situation.

This allows us to shorten the application process by removing any unnecessary steps. Your borrowers will get an idea of what to expect before they are required to create a login. This gives your financial institution more information, earlier in the process.


Human-Centered Design

more friendly.gif

The borrower’s journey is now paved with a very humanistic approach.

We create a truly customized experience for the borrower that includes a concierge like experience through the custom generated application. It focuses on connecting the banker and borrower with conversational messaging throughout the application journey.


Modern Document Upload


Borrowers using modern browsers can now drag and drop or click to select files on the documents page. This gives them control to upload documents the way they want.


Sole Proprietorships

sole proprietor.gif

Our redesign took special cases like sole proprietorships into account and crafted an experience for their unique circumstances.


...and now see and hear Akouba's application


We enable borrowers who use assistive technologies to complete applications on Akouba’s platform because Akouba believes in digital inclusion for all.

To learn more about how Akouba's small business lending platform can improve your client and staff experience, let us know today. With Akouba your institution can reduce end-to-end time, increase profits and give small business customers a better experience. We can set your team up for success with our ABA endorsed small business lending platform. Request a demo today.



Amber Smith

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Amber, director of client engagement, is a marketer with over 13 years of experience. She has a keen interest in the digital world and was one of the first participants in Duke University's digital media and marketing program, one of the most comprehensive, online media marketing programs in the nation. Amber also has a deep understanding of the unique challenges banks face today, having worked for an Iowa community bank for over seven years. Before joining Akouba, Amber was part of a global marketing team for an elearning company based in Chicago and was responsible for managing lead generation and digital marketing campaigns for the global team.

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